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Still using paper-based checklists or excel spreadsheets to manage your internal
risks and controls?
It’s time to join the digital revolution.

ControlNet digitises the process of managing internal controls and risks and helps you create an efficient, accountable and secure operational environment.
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ControlNet’s technology allows you to manage the controls and risks across all 3 lines of defence:

1) Business Line Management
  • Keep track of control status in real-time 

  • Reduce headcount and manual workflows

  • Lower risk of costly control remediation

  • Reduce audit points  

2) Risk Management
  • Have all-in-one, easy access to risk and control data

  • Increase oversight efficiency and corporate governance

  • Reduce headcount and manual workflows

  • Lower risk of operational losses

3) Audit
  • Have a single source of truth and easy access to data

  • Have a clear evidence-based view of all risk and control statuses 

  • Deliver better quality audits 

  • Reduce regulatory scrutiny, non-compliance and capital requirement 

Why ControlNet

Immediate ROI

  • Establishes an evidence-based control and risk environment with appropriate accountability

  • Improves efficiency, reduces operational risks, increases transparency, reduces manual effort and potential financial losses, prevents brand damage and enhances GRC


  • ControlNet is purpose-built software system based on the Microsoft.Net framework and Azure suite of technologies

  • Developed by governance experts who’ve experienced first-hand the issues of legacy control and risk processes

Client focused

  • Our customers are at the core of everything we do. We listen to what they have to say and need, and we deliver

  • We always go the extra mile

With live implementations in 13 countries across 4 continents and 3,000+ active users,
ControlNet's application software is trusted by some of the world’s largest financial services organisations.

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“Has helped improve our reputation with our communities, partners and auditors due to the ability to demonstrate an effective control environment.”

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