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Digital control and risk management.

ControlNet is an end-to-end control and risk management software system that allows organisations to manage their risk and control environments in a cost-effective and secure way, with ease.

By digitising the management of organisational controls and risks, ControlNet eliminates the need to use inefficient, manual and paper-based systems and processes.

Key benefits

Real-time visibility

Provides real-time effective oversight without hindering business effectiveness


Establishes an evidence-based control environment with appropriate accountability

Efficiency & tracking

​Improves efficiency and allows tracking and monitoring of performance across all locations / entities


​Facilitates compliance and audit control whilst reducing the risk of regulatory scrutiny and financial loss 

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Control module

  • Digitises your manual checklists

  • Provides real-time status updates and configurable notifications

  • Schedules your recurring controls (e.g. daily, weekly monthly) and generate others as required

  • Ensures accountability of controls is retained at all times

  • Allows users to upload evidence and add actions if required

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Risk module

  • Purpose-built for managing risk assessments

  • Calculates composite risk levels based on risk impact and likelihood

  • Allows for flexible, easy interaction between business and risk users

  • Ensures appropriate accountability with each assessment 

  • Powerful MI to manage control / risk libraries and assessments

Why ControlNet

Immediate ROI

  • Establishes an evidence-based control and risk environment with appropriate accountability

  • Improves efficiency, reduces operational risks, increases transparency, reduces manual effort and potential financial losses, prevents brand damage and enhances GRC


  • ControlNet is purpose-built multi-tier architecture based on the Microsoft.Net framework and Azure suite of technologies

  • Developed by governance experts who’ve experienced first-hand the issues of legacy control and risk processes

Client focused

  • Our customers are at the core of everything we do. We listen to what they have to say and need, and we deliver

  • We always go the extra mile

With live implementations in 13 countries across 4 continents and 3,000+ active users,

ControlNet is trusted by some of the world’s largest financial services organisations.

“Enables me to manage my Senior Manager accountabilities”

“Has helped improve our reputation with our

communities, partners and auditors due to the ability to demonstrate an

effective control environment”

“Gave us the ability to demonstrate compliance with policies and regulations”

“We’re going green! No

more paper checklists”

“Our operations teams

spend less time

managing controls on

complex spreadsheets”

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